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Turbo Heat Shield Titanium - Single T3

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Heat Protection Shield Titanium "the Original" - T3

Turbo heat protection blanket

For T3 exhaust housing and similar

Keep the heat in the exhaust housing and protect the engine compartment from the high temperatures. That's the job of our heat shield coats. And this is also perfectly done by the high quality. The heat held in the exhaust housing of the turbocharger increases the kinetic energy, which improves the response behaviour and increases performance.
Perfectly fitting, not to be compared with currently available universal blankets.

Absolute novelty on the market. A whole new stuff. So-called fiberglass coated with lava stone. This fabric has also found direct use in the latest turbo sheathing.
The high load-bearing properties are perfect for this application.

Fits, among others, the following exhaust housings:
- Garrett GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3082R, T3 (ext. WG), T3/T4 (ext. WG), T03/T04 (ext. WG), GT3582R
- BorgWarner S300 up to 14cm2 exhaust side
- Precision, Tial, Turbonetics all with T3 and VBand outlet
- Dodge 5,9L Cummins 94-02 and 03-27 Series turbochargers
- Chevy / GMC LB7 6,6L Duramax 01-04 Series turbocharger.


Here you buy the coat individually. We also offer a complete set with fixing material and heat protection tape. You will find this under "Suitable articles".

Price for heat protection blanket as shown, without exhaust housing.

Only buy original titanium heat protection products!

With us you get the original titanium heat protection products from the USA. If you observe the market a little, you will notice that there are many similar products, which are offered as titanium heat protection and look exactly like that. This often much cheaper material comes from China, is much harder and therefore more brittle. It is not comparable to ours. The heat rejection and life are much worse. Do not save money at the wrong end. Take the original!