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Tenaci Modular Flywheel - Toyota 1JZ 2JZ

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Artikelnummer: t00013092

This flywheel fits Toyota 2JZ and Supra  (2.5L turbo 1JZ-GTE), Toyota Mark II (2.5L turbo 1JZ-GTE), Toyota Soarer (2.5L turbo 1JZ-GTE)

This flywheel is made for push style pressure plates which is required when using gearboxes such as Midvalley 101,  Getrag or ZF.

Choose backplate size below.  240 mm is recommended.

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Tenaci Flywheel. Lightweight billet CNC-machined.
Suited for 184, 200 or 240 Tenaci clutches.

This flywheel is delivered balanced and fit’s both 2JZ and 1JZ.

Video describing this flywheel:

184mm Tenaci 1 2 3 disc 600 1250nm or 1800nm

200mm Tenaci 1 2 3 disc 800nm 1600nm or 2400nm

240mm Tenaci 1 2 3 disc 900nm 1800nm or2400nm