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Heat Protection - Turbo Heat Shield - T25 - Titanium | BOOST products

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Heat Protection - Turbo Heat Shield - T25 - Titanium

Titanium Turbo Heat Shield or turbo nappy for exhaust housing T25 and similar

Effective heat protection for turbocharger exhaust housings

So called turbo nappies are preformed shields which are simply put on a turbocharger exhaust housing so the emerging temperatures can be kept inside the exhaust housing and don't burden the rest of the components in the engine bay. Additionally the kinetic energy can be used to improve the turbo chargers response time and to increase the turbochargers performance.

Materials: Basalt, Ceramic, Silicate
For exhaust housings: T25, T28, GT25, GT28 and similar
Temperature resistance: up to 1400°C
Color: black