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Tenaci Brake Kit Volvo 240 295 mm

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Left and right side brake kit

Sold as pair

This kit includes:

  • Tenaci 6-piston caliper
  • discs 295mm
  • Brake adapter for 240
  • Steel braided brake lines
  • Brake pads

Floating disc design which has better cooling properties as well as less risk of warping.

Discs are also drilled and slotted for better cooling.

The discs together with bells are balanced before shipping.

Same hole pattern as Alcon discs.

Outer diameter: 295mm

Thickness: 25,4mm

Friction surface: 53mm

Numer of bolts: 12st

c/c bolts: 178mm

The benefits of using Tenaci’s floating disc brakes will be noticeable on both tracks and street.
Among the benefits are weight reduction, shorter stopping distances and better heat management.
Reduced unsprung weight has a significant impact on cornering while it also helps acceleration.

Aluminium bells:  The brake disc rings are bolted with 6061 hard-anodized bells with a matte black finish.
A high quality material that saves weight, has strong properties and resistant to corrosion.

Grey cast iron rings: Known for it’s durability and stable friction surface, grey iron is a preferable material for brake discs because of it’s ability to absorb large amounts of heat.

2-piece design: Conventional brake discs can not handle drastic heat fluctuations and are prone to warp.
Tenaci’s 2-piece floating discs allow for radial expansion of the disc ring which prevents warping.

Heat treated: Reduced risk for cracks in the disc ring.