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Turbosmart StraightGate50 Wastegate 6 InHg

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Artikelnummer: TS-0565-1212

The StraightGate50 from Turbosmart is the world's highest-flowing external wastegate! The StraightGate50 is a zero-offset butterfly-style wastegate that allows enormous flow, almost linear control, and unparalleled boost control throughout the entire operating range.

The Vacuum-Based Pneumatic StraightGate50 takes the Multiple Award Winning eSG50 and simplifies control via a vacuum-based actuator. The Self-Balancing nature of the StraightGate50 means a huge tuning window can be achieved. Vacuum-Based Boost Control also allows the setup of advanced gate strategies, including being utterly open at cold start for increased emissions compliance, as well as working with some OE factory boost control systems where being retro-fitted, equipped initially with vacuum-based Internal Wastegate Actuators. The GenV VAcuum-Based actuator features single & Twin port control for simple connection or boost-assist! The StraightGate50 is simple to use and packed with performance, flow and features!

The Turbosmart StraightGate50 has been designed from the ground up & validated in-house to create a new level of control and flow, never seen in a wastegate before. The zero-offset butterfly valve is subjected to exhaust drive pressure equally on both halves of the valve, which pivots centrally, resulting in a self-balanced valve against any drive pressure. This self-balancing means less work is required to act against even the highest drive pressures, and a wider tuning window is possible, no matter how the valve is actuated. The increased flow is achieved through the efficiency of a straight-through valve versus a poppet-style valve, where the exhaust gas must be turned 90 degrees by the valve.

Available in

Available in Electronic eSG50 StraightGate50

Pneumatic (Boost-Based) pSG50 StriaghtGate50

Pneumatic (Vacuum-Based) pSG50v StraightGate50


50mm (1.97in) Butterfly Style Zero-Offset Valve

383.9 CFM / 10.87m3 per minute flow

Stainless Steel (630) Butterfly and shaft

Stainless Steel (347) Main Body

Stainless Steel (Heat Treated 431) V-Band Clamps

Aluminium (6262 T6 Anodised) Bracket & Actuator

Turbosmart unique Locking Collar Ring

Base Spring Options from 6psi to 42psi

Suitable for Single or Twin Port Boost-Based Control

Stainless Steel (N60) Linkages & Control Arm