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Tenaci Clutch Release Bearing for 28 mm ZF with 184/200 mm clutch

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Artikelnummer: t00018428

Tenaci clutch release bearing for ZF transmission with 28 mm input shaft.

This bearing is made for clutches such as 184/200 mm Tenaci, Tilton, ACE Racing, Quartermaster and others.

The pipe may need to be shortened depending on the application.

Fits ZF transmissions with ø28 mm shaft.

The difference between this bearing and t18418428 is that this bearing can be installed with two different lengths which can be seen on the product image.

Fits BMW’s smaller 28,6 mm / 10 spline transmissions such as:

1053 401 097

1053 401 131

1053 401 098

If you have problem with adjusting the bearing you can install our smart adjusting device (t00123658)