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Tenaci wheel speed sensor tone ring - Volvo 48 teeth

  • 396 kr
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Artikelnummer: t00279048

Tenaci Hastighetsmätarkrans 48 tänder. 48T

Always makes sure the number of teeth are correct before ordering.

Installation guide:
Put the ring around the Tenaci Torsen Diff, tap it with a hammer so it makes a round shape.
Weld the ring together and then grind down the weld so that it’s clean and same level as the rest of the ring.



This speed sensor tone ring fits the following two differentials:
Volvo’s original Automatic Locking Differential (Eaton G80)
Tenaci’s Torsen Differential for Volvo 940 & 740. Which also fits some late 240 models (88-90).

The ring features 48 teethes and is made for differentials with aluminium covers.