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Rostfri grenrör adapter T25 till Garrett G-series / GTX V-Band turbo

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Artikelnummer: TZ228277

High-quality stainless steel turbo flange adapter for Garrett G25 / G30 / G35 and GTX V-Band turbocharger to T25 manifold

You have an Garrett G25 / G30 / G35 and GTX turbine housing/turbocharger with V-Band inlet but a turbo manifold with T25 flange? Then here is the solution.
The TurboZentrum has now produced a high quality stainless steel adapter flange from T25 manifold flange to Garrett G25 / G30 / G35 and GTX V-Band turbine housing (inlet). The adapter is CNC machined of high premium stainless steel and is therefore extremely heat resistant (1200°C) and thanks to the CNC process very flow-favorable.

The flange is used to mount a turbocharger with V-Band inlet flange on the turbine housing on a turbo manifold with T25 flange. This makes it very popular with all Garrett G25 / G30 / G35 and GTX V-Band exhaust housings.

The TurboZentrum offers a wide range of turbo flanges, whether manifold, turbocharger or downpipe. We also supply pipe bends and headers for the construction of turbo manifolds. All flanges are cast, water-jet cut or CNC milled in order not to warp during the cutting process. As well as 100% flat and high quality. We select the material thickness from experience in the optimal strength.

Material: 1.451 stainless steel
Overall height: 30 mm
Overall width: 67 mm
Overall length: 93 mm
Flange on turbocharger: V-Band
Flange on turbo manifold: T25

For / Fits:
All turbo manifolds with T25 flange

And all Garrett turbochargers turbine housings with V-Band inlet flange on exhaust housing, for example:
Garrett GTX29
Garrett GTX30
Garrett GTX35

Garrett G25-550
Garrett G25-660
Garrett G30-660
Garrett G30-770
Garrett G30-900
Garrett G35-900
Garrett G35-1050