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BMW B57D30 upgrade turbocharger

  • 21 600 kr
I lager.
Artikelnummer: BMWB57-Bolt-on

Bolt-on upgrade turbocharger solution for BMW B57D30 engine power gain, designed to work with stock exhaust manifold and other engine units.
Specifications and compatibility list written below. 

Upgrade turbocharger for BMW B57D30 features:

  • dual ceramic ball bearing;
  • CNC machined compressor housing
  • Special Compressor Housing without plastic silencer
  • CNC machined turbine housing
  • Custom variable geometry nozzle
  • reinforced bigger machined from the solid compressor wheel - 54/73mm;
  • bigger turbine wheel - 58/54mm;
  • Custom turbine housing;
  • Flow bench adjusted;
  • Balanced on VSR;

Power range: 420+HP;


Compatibility list

ModelYearEngine codePower (KW / HP)
BMW 730d, 730 Ld (G11) from 2015B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW 530d (G30)from 2017B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW 630d Gran Turismo (G32)from 2017B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW X3 xDrive 30d (G01)from 2017B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW X4 xDrive 30d (G02)from 2018B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW X5 xDrive 30d (G05)from 2018B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW X7 xDrive 30d (G07)from 2018B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW 330d (G20)from 2019B57D30O0195 / 261
BMW X6 xDrive 30d (G06)from 2019B57D30O0195 / 261