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Tenaci organic sprung clutch disc; 26 splines; 35 mm shaft; 1 10 3/8 ; BMW 265 mm

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Artikelnummer: t00898104

Tenaci organic clutch disc with spring. 1 10 3/8×10, 265 mm.
Fits BMW 26 Splines, 35 mm gearbox shaft with the large hub.

Also fits with Tenaci Clutch Release Bearing t51231032

This clutch disc have a really long lifetime.
Made in USA with high quality materials. Capable of high loads without burning or exploding.
When pushed beyond the torque limit these springs will not bottom but rather get worn with time instead which means you can just replace the springs when they’re weak.

One way of prolonging the life of the disc is by changing gear distinctively, releasing the clutch pedal quickly to avoid clutch slipping.
Avoiding clutch dumping on high gears also helps prolong the life the clutch.

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