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Tenaci Torsen Differential Dana 30; upgraded 31 splines for Volvo

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For Volvo 140 240 740 940  this Tenaci torsen differential is suited for Tenaci’s upgraded 31 spline driveshafts.
With this differential and the upgraded driveshafts your Volvo will be able handle significantly more load than Volvo’s original driveshafts.

Tenaci torsen differential Dana 30 for upgraded 31 spline driveshafts.

NOTE: Remember to weld the ring to the differential 

NOTE: Control bolt length so they won’t collide. 20 or 25 mm. 

Use 80-90 oil or 80-140.

Torque specifications: 

Bearing cap 50-70 Nm

Crown gear flange bolts 90-110 Nm

Crown gear bolts without flange 70-80 Nm

Prop shaft flange M20x1,5 200-250 Nm.

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