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GFB, EX50 - 50mm V-Band Style External Wastegate

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"With the manifold glowing...the boost never varies" - Joe Signorelli

Designed to cope with the brutal conditions of extreme exhaust temperatures, the EX50 features not only a huge flow capacity, but also a compact size that is unmatched by competitors for a 50mm wastegate.
  • Supplied with a 13psi spring
  • 7psi and 9psi springs also available that can be ganged together with the supplied 13psi spring in various combinations to allow boost pressures of 7, 9, 13, 16, 20, 22 and 29psi.
  • Body, valve and seat are made from high-temp stainless steel
  • Actuator housing machined from billet 7075 aluminum – much stronger & harder than 6061
  • Flow tests show that for the same valve lift, the EX50 outflows its nearest competitor by 18%
  • Internal valve shroud protects valve stem from excessive heat and prevents carbon-related sticking
  • Top-hat style Nomex-reinforced silicone rolling diaphragm for longer valve travel
  • V-Band clamp mounting system supplied with 304 stainless weld-on-adaptors.
5 psi = 0.34 bar
7 psi = 0.48 bar
10psi = 0.69 bar
12 psi = 0.83 bar
15 psi = 1.03 bar
17 psi = 1,17 bar
22 psi = 1.52 bar
Our main goal for the EX50 was to create a wastegate that had a very large flow capacity in a package that is physically as small as possible. This was achieved with the use of CAD design which allowed us to minimise the amount of unnecessary bulk (particularly on the actuator).
Good flow around a poppet-style valve depends on a smooth and generous bowl area into which the valve lifts. Many brands do not allow enough room around the valve head for good flow, instead relying on increasing the valve travel as a band-aid solution.
Joe Signorelli of Rotormaster and GAS Motorsport has done extensive testing on the EX50, on various high-powered circuit and drag engines (both piston and rotary), and most notably, on the brand-new 2JZ powered Celica.
Of the EX50 Joe says “I couldn’t be happier with the way it performs. Our circuit car comes into the pits after a race with the manifold glowing, and the boost never varies”;.